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Alan Turing was a man deeply free.
The death odor of cyanide and the combination of genius and homosexuality might suggest yet another celebration in memory and in defense. But with Alan is terribly difficult to be devoted to the practice of martyrology
I. Licata

The Cultural Association Oistros, in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, University of Salento;
with the contribution of Officine Cultural Ergot (Lecce), colon Editions (Palermo), Presidium of the Book (Sannicola), Voice Vegan Bar and Radio Voice (Campi Salentina)



Four days with a Sicilian meta physicist
From 29th Novembre to 3th December between Lecce and Bari, Puglia, Italy

Four meetings with Ignazio Licata, a theoretical physicist, scientific director of ISEM (Institute for Scientific Methodology) in Palermo and teacher of "Complexity Theory" at the University of Messina, and contributor to "Il Sole 24 Ore" and director of '"Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics." He was awarded with the Prize for Science Venus (2008) and the Targa Pirandello (2010). A student of David Bohm, he worked on models of pre-space non-local and quantized. He is currently working in the foundations of quantum theory, field theory, cognitive relationships between physics and computation. Has recently proposed the archaic theory of the universe, which describes the quantum phase "before" the big bang. Among his books in Italian: Observing the sphinx. Virtual reality in quantum physics (Rome, 2003); logic open mind (Turin, 2008); Complexity. A simple introduction (Palermo 2011).

Friday, 30th November, 2012 - 15.00
Academy of Fine Arts in Bari - via Re David, 189 Bari


with Ignazio Licata, Lia De Venus, Professor of Contemporary Art History, Academy of Bari and Anthony Rollo, Professor of Computer Art, Academy of Bari
Introduces Giuseppe Sylos Labini, director of the Academy of Fine Art in Bari

Nowdays art needs to meet new creative ideas and reflect on the changes taking place. Licata says: "Complexity is a love story between the observer-narrator and the world. "

Saturday, 1st December 2012 - 18,00
Officine Culturali Ergot - Piazzetta Falconieri, Lecce

Presentation of the book by Ignazio Licata

Complessità. Un’introduzione semplice

Duepunti Edizioni
Introduces Ferdinando Boero, Professor of Zoology, Università del Salento

Video installation “A story of love and conflicts” by Antonio Rollo

The book of Ignazio Licata is a guide to the theory of complex phenomena that unite seemingly distant fields as social systems, management, biology, mind, political relations, meteorology and many other.

Sunday 2nd Decembre 2012 - 20,00
Voice Vegan Bar - Via Benedetto Croce, 27 Campi Salentina (Le)

Presentation of the book by Grazia Tagliente and Antonio Rollo

Alan Turing. Illustrazioni * annulli filatelici * ex libris

Oistros Edizioni
Presents Maddalena Castegnaro, introduces Ignazio Licata.

Philatelic cancellations and bookplates exhibition "Il genio di Alan" curated by Grazia Tagliente

The book of Grazia Tagliente and Antonio Rollo is a singular tribute to a very special scientist. Engraver, computer artist, philosopher, philatelist, theoretical physicist, historian, and a group of young artists were faced with the puzzle of Alan Turing pushing the art to engage with science, the past and the future, technology with life.

Monday 3th Decembre 2012 - 10,30
Università del Salento - Sala conferenze del Rettorato, Piazzetta Tancredi, 7 Lecce


Disoriented reflection for several voices through teritory that sneaks between physis, bios and polis.
Introduces Domenico Laforgia, President University of Salento
with Ignazio Licata and Luigi A. Santoro, Professor of History of the Theatre, Michele Campiti, Professor of Mathematics, University of Salento, Giorgio Zavarise, professor Building Science, University of Salento Vitantontonio Gioia, Director Dept. of History Studies on Man and Society, University of Salento



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